Habits of Good Blogger

A blogger writes his life twice, once in the moment, one in retrospect.

The world of blogging is very competitive. Over the last few months I’m trying to blog more often and have come up with these 5 things that is helping me to become a better blogger everyday.

  1. Write everyday: If its as less as 100 words or until infinity, make a habit to write every single day. We always carry our mobile devices and the blog in the cloud. So, your busy day should not be your reason.
  2. Create a ‘To-Do’ List: When you have a direction, achieving your goals is more strategic. Do ensure that your To-Do list is handy with you wherever you go. I use Any.Do for my tasks.
  3. Register & share on every social network possible: Your biggest fan can be on a platform much less known. The more you are exposed, the better are your chances. Let the world know each and every word you type.
  4. Exercise Daily: A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body! Take out some time every day to keep yourself physically fit. Go for a run, a brisk walk, a swim, crossfit, dance… whatever is your passion. You will find a lot of new ideas during these sessions as the rush of blood vitalizes your brain.
  5.  Network with new people: In this age with hundreds of social networks, networking events, and more… meeting new people can be the key to attain that new domain of audience most suitable for you.

These are my help tool. I am sure that are many many more. So, tell me whats yours?