“No.” is a Complete Sentence

When you are saying “Yes” to others, may sure you ain’t saying “No” to yourself.

“No.” can be a very strong emotion. However, you have limited time in your day, in your week, in your month, in your year, in your life. By saying Yes to everything you are simply stretching yourself.

Some of the main reason people are afraid to say No are:

  • We are all kind souls and we want to help others.
  • We are afraid to be rude.
  • We want to be a part of the club and by saying No we may be outcast.
  • We fear having a conflict/argument with the person.
  • We are afraid of loosing the opportunity.
  • We are scared of breaking our relationship.

Here are some creative ways to say No:

  • “I cannot commit to this. I have other priorities.”
  • “Now is not a good time. I am in middle of something. How about we connect at X time.”
  • “I would love to do this but…”
  • “Let me think about it first and get back to you.”
  • “This does not meet my needs right now. But I’ll be sure to keep you in mind.”
  • “I am not the best person to help right now. Why don’t you ask X”
  • “No. I am sorry.”

Stop yourself from over committing the next time with one of these creative ways to say “No.”!