Start A Startup

No is easier to do. Yes is easier to say.

If getting rich and living a relaxed life is your primary goal, please stop reading further. A Startup will give you the pleasure of living your passion 24X7 but will eat up every bit of your plans to live a relax life.

You should never start a Startup just for sale of doing so. There are much easier way to earn money, but starting a startup is not one among them.
Here are my top 3 reasons – why you should start a Startup…

  1. You are compelled by a problem and starting a company is the only way to solve it.
  2. You have an idea and it’s not a pivot of an existing company.
  3. You have found a small market in which you can get a monopoly and you can quickly expand.

I am sure you will find your best reasons among or beyond these three! May the best reason win!