Fall in Love

Love is a word until someone gives it a meaning.

What makes people fall in love is an extremely abstract and often subjective concept. But there actually is some science behind it. Here are six scientifically proven things that could make somebody fall in love with you.

  • Maintain consistent eye contact. People who are in love maintain eye contact 75% of the time. Its that simple. Intimacy increase between people who look away less.
  • Be a good listenser. We love to be with people who show interest in who we are, what we experience and how those expereinces make us feel. Don’t make the conversation just about you. Ask follow-up questions and respond with compassion.
  • Validation is a key to fall in love. Make your partner feel like a winner, a feeling that will directly lead to love.
  • Smiling makes you look like a winner. It makes you look more attractive and engaging.
  • Touch More. Touching more leads to more satisfaction in a relationship. It drives your sense of comfort and intimacy with each other.
  • Embrass your partner’s passion. When you embrass the feeling your partner gets while persuing that passion, you are mixing with that deeper feeling which could lead you to fall in love.

Always remember, love is not about how much you say ‘I Love You’, but how much you can prove it is true.