Perfect Email Subject

You just get one change to make that first impression.

In this digital age, making your email stand our is harder than ever. A great email can go a long way in building your clientele and growing your brand.

Your email won’t be read if it isn’t opened. That’s why your email subject line needs to grab your reader’s attention from the get-go.

Get your emails read and responed by following these dynamite tips for writing a subject line:

  • Make sure you have a unique and new subject line each time
  • Use 50 characters or less (Most of the emails are read on mobile)
  • Keep the “From” line consistent and clear to help readers contextualize your email right away
  • Avoid all CAPS or lots of !!!
  • Avoid words that trigger spam filters – free, help, % off, sale, and donate
  • Convey your message but don’t try to over sell
  • Let it be a two-sided conversation – Highlight RSVP, Feedback

Start with a few test emails and ensure to track your open rate to understand what’s working for you. Share your best practices for that perfect email subject line in the comments below.