Crossfit Recovery

  • Immediately Post Workout (within 30 minutes)
    • Replenish Glycogen.  Consume carbohydrate immediately post-exercise.  Use carbs that digest quickly, like honey, fruits, fruit juices, and potatoes.
    • Protein for Muscle Repair.  The perfect protein amount remains inconclusive, but a golden ratio of 1-2:1 (carbs to protein) is probably the most recommended.  Again, focus on nutrition that digests quickly, so whey protein is a good option.
    • Fat is best left to a minimum as it will slow the digestion carbohydrate and protein.
    • Rehydrate.  The general guideline for hydration is 16oz of fluid per pound lost during exercise; however that is assuming you started with perfect hydration.  Basically, just keep drinking people.
  • Stage 2 Recovery (2-6 hours post-exercise)
    • Continue filling up the tank on carbohydrate and protein using the above recommendations (1-2:1 carb to protein ratio).  Start to focus more on consuming whole foods.
  • Stage 3 Recovery (Beyond 6 hours)
    • Glycogen is restored, now focus is on maintaining blood sugar levels. Eat balanced meals containing healthy fats, carbs and protein.
    • Keep eating proteins.  The health benefits of proteins are extensive.
    • Ramp up fat intake.  Fats will provide energy to conserve carbohydrate stores and will keep you full.  Nuts, seeds, avocados, olives, coconut oil and fats from grass fed meats are all great options.